Kids lab coats are fun

1Kids lab coats are fun

Does your son or daughter show a keen interest in someday being in the medical or science field with the mental picture of then being dressed in a lab coat and scrubs? The availability of children’s lab coats and scrubs allow them the chance to wear a “costume” that will advance the thought of their future dreams. It will show them that you will always encourage them in their pursuits and will take their interests seriously as they grow up.

Adding to playing a fun role as an educational dress-up, these can also be a Halloween costume or worn to keep clothes clean when doing crafts or helping with cooking. They are also an excellent idea when going to visit a patient in the hospital or a resident of an assisted living or nursing home.

In addition to providing discounted 100 percent cotton lab coats and scrubs for medical clinics and hospital facilities, it has become a unique sideline to also carry them for children of all sizes. Another use is for the children of a parent who actually wears these for their work since kids love to imitate their parents and be just like them.

Landau Child's Lab Coat

Available in white only, this can be personalized with the child’s name or anything else you wish to put on it. It fits comfortably on smaller frames and features two front pockets.

Landau Kids' Scrub Set

This, too, can be personalized and would be a great gift for the “doctor to be” or as a Halloween costume that will be remembered forever! The scrubs are offered in navy or the traditional ciel blue and have a reinforced V-neck.

Kid's Costume Special D - with Lab Coat and Scrubs

This set includes a hospital-quality lab coat, a real working model stethoscope, a professional doctor's pen light, a disposable tie-back surgical cap, and a scrub set in navy or ciel blue. This is also available with the lab coat and other items but without the scrubs for a lesser price.