Serve the Healthy Drink for Your Family

1Do you really love your family? Why do you love your family so much? We all agree that having a family is such a great bless given by God. They are those people who have the close relation with us and when we are in trouble, they will always help and accompany us. That’s why for those who love their family, they will try hard to spend their time with their beloved family. If we can spend most of our time with our beloved family, we will be happy.

In gathering with your family, it is better if you can serve the best drinks for your family. The gathering time will become worthy if you can have something to eat or to drink together. If you think that a cup of tea is too main stream for you, do not worry. Here we have the recipe healthy drink that you can serve for your beloved family.

You can have a cup of tea combined with the lemon and also ice. You will feel so fresh when you consume this drink. Moreover, when you have to consume it in the hot day, you will feel so refresh again to start your day with your family. So, if you want to make it, you only need to add the lemon and also ice cubes in the cup of the tea. Try to stir the mix of those things and you will have what you want. Serve soon after you made it so that your beloved family can immediately consume it also. The sugar that you use for this recipe can be adjusted based on your favorite also. It will depend on your need also. So far, do you want to enjoy consuming this drink with your beloved family? Happy trying and happy time with your family!